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Life brings many things to us, some are light relief which can bring us happiness. Whilst other matters can leave us feeling overwhelmed, hurt and bruised. We then spend a lot of time and energy keeping a lid on our pain. We could call this unfinished business. This is where counselling can help you to live more fully. Hurts can have a voice and be heard, allowing the burden to lift. Hope for a brighter and more balanced tomorrow is found in my counselling room. Begin your journey of recovery by contacting me, Jackie, at Counselling JCT.

Professional, Qualified Counsellor, Supervisor and Trainer

Hello my name is Jackie and welcome to my website. I am an Online Counsellor, and Supervisor. 

I have been a counsellor for the last 16 years and absolutely love what I do.

My passion is to help you overcome challenges that present in your life, by providing support during that process, whilst enabling you, to make the difference that you feel is right for you and your circumstances.

Above all my aim is for you to be able to flourish in day to day life. In my counselling room, I bring respect, kindness, and warmth so that you feel empowered to make changes in your life.

I have worked within a wide range of settings during the last 20 years, ranging from national charities, education environments, as well as the voluntary and private sectors.

My counselling work has encompassed working with both adults and young people. This has covered issues such as young people in care, rape crisis centres, educational issues - low self esteem/anxiety/self harm, bereavement, national helplines, as well as in-house consultancies to staff teams.

I have a special interest in the field of Trauma, Burnout and Recovery and have undertaken significant study in this area of specialism.

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"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much"

Hellen Keller
  • About Me
    I am a professional, qualified counsellor. I am knowledgeable and experienced in various mental health matters. Matters that can range from loss, depression, anxiety, right through to complex trauma. Whatever your problem please remember there is hope.

    I undertake regular Continued Professional Development. This professional development is in all areas of counselling, but in particular on trauma related matters. (See training below).

    I receive regular Clinical Supervision. This involves supervision, by an impartial third party, in the work of a counsellor, helping to resolve any areas of difficulty or dilemmas that may arise. This is a requirement of the counselling body, of which I am a registered member.

    I am able to offer the reassurance of having an up to date Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

    Professional Bodies

    • Registered Member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) 
  • How I work
    I use an integrative approach to my counselling work that is underpinned by person centred qualities.

    I offer one to one individual therapy, with adults and young people aged over 18, which can be time limited or open ended.

    You may ask what therapeutic model do I work from in counselling. In my view, no one approach fits all. I individualise my treatment approaches to that of your individual needs. It will vary from person to person as to what it means to have a better quality of life and the route to getting that difference will depend on you.

    Vitally important to any recovery, in my view, is the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor. I see it as a relationship based on humanity. Where warmth and understanding are experienced alongside a genuineness and acceptance of who you are.

    I will provide you with a safe therapeutic environment, from which you can explore your world with courage and dignity. I see you, my client, as someone who may have experienced difficulties and who need the time and space to recover and move forward with your life with positivity. I welcome you to my therapy room with warmth and appreciation of who you are and what you have been through.

    I believe that we all deserve to feel loved and accepted, not only in our relationships but also with ourselves. My view is that, no matter what your life circumstances, with the right circumstances you can heal, grow and flourish.

  • My work with Trauma
    I have always gravitated towards work within the trauma field.

    Trauma can be described as a serious emotional hurt or shock to the body, due to an accident or an aggressive situation. It creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological wellbeing of a person. For example, an event such as the loss of a loved one, violation of an individual, divorce, redundancy, or situations that cause great distress and disruption to everyday life.

    I have a great respect for the way that an individual's mind and body can withstand trauma and find ways to cope and survive. As a counsellor, I wanted to have more than just a basic understanding of trauma and it’s impact. I wanted to have a deeper understanding of attachments and trauma, as well as being able to create the right environment for clients to feel safe and recover. Therefore, in my practice I keep an open mind to understand the complexities of healing and keep up to date with new information to enable my clients to heal, grow and recover.

    Training in the specialist area of trauma: 

    2020 - Mental Health and the Body Treating Trauma
    2018 - Working with Trauma in Clinical Practice
    2018 - Essential Supervision Skills- British Psychological Society Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision
    2017 - Zoe Lodrick Lecture on Sexualised Trauma
    2016 - Effective Supervision & Risk Management in Child Protection/Safeguarding
    2016 - Working with Autism
    2015 - Two day training Solution Focused Training with BRIEF
    2015 - Clarke Baim: Attachment Training with Adults
    2015 - Modules 1-3 Post Foundation Course, Working Therapeutically with Complex Trauma
    2014 - Annual Conference with Dr Bruce Perry: The effects of trauma and neglect on childhood development
    2013 - A selection of workshops facilitated by the European Society of Trauma and Dissociation
    2013 - Attachment and Healthy Relationships
    2013 - Trauma and the Body
    2012 - Certificate in Teacher Training 1 Programme - Mindfulness-based approaches
    2012 - The Neuroscience of Trauma and Loss– facilitated by Dr Margot Sunderland
    2011 - Making Trauma Therapy Safer– facilitated by Babette Rothschild
  • JCT Counselling Services for trauma in Cumbria and Lancashire

How the body responds to trauma

Chris had experienced a traumatic incident and was struggling to cope with day to day life.  What Chris did not know, was how the brain and body processes, remembers and holds on to traumatic events.

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Please feel free to contact me and seek the help and support that you deserve. It is an opportunity for us to meet, where we can decide the best way forward and for you to see if my approach suits you.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Warm wishes


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