Being a foster carer can be a hugely rewarding role but can equally leave you, the carer, emotionally and physically exhausted. This is NOT a sign that you are not doing a good enough caring role, but that you ARE human and that sometimes we all need a little extra support.

The children and young people you care for, most come to you with a broken background that has impacted on their ability to trust and form relationships. They need to know, more than ever, that you will stand by them and go the extra mile. Having worked directly with children and young people who were looked after in care, I am in a position to support you, the carer.

I am aware how these young people will test you beyond your limits, know how to press your buttons and above all make you feel like you are not doing a good job or are worthless.

In my counselling room, I can provide you with: 
  • Strategies to manage situations with greater ease 
  • Understanding the cycle you and your foster child can so easily get caught up in and a way out for both of you 
  • Knowledge of the impact that trauma and loss has on a child’s development and the effect this can have on the forming of attachments 
  • Ways to meet a child's delayed developmental needs 
  • Helping to make links between early experience and behavioural difficulties 
  • An understanding of what secondary trauma is and how this could lead to placement breakdown and/or burnout 
  • Improving self care 
  • Exploration of different parenting styles 
  • Improved communication between you and your foster child 
  • The necessary space to talk about the complexities of being a foster carer, without any judgements and in addition, allows you to be more effective in your caring role