Anyone’s life can change instantaneously for many reasons but none more so than if you are diagnosed with a life changing illness or condition. This may include the nature of the illness, its severity and the treatment involved, or the need to process what you have endured during your treatment. You may experience shock, denial and disbelief. The future you once envisaged has been taken from you and replaced with something unrecognisable. The world you knew is suddenly changed and you are now surrounded by an environment that is unknown, your body no longer feels like it belongs to you, medical phrases - a different language, the changes to your body, fear of the unknown, having undergone treatment you feel alone, scared and abandoned.

You or the person caring for you; a loved one, family member or friend. All of you are impacted by the illness and the adaptations that are needed. From struggle, to acceptance, to finding a new way to manage. As well as to emotionally/physically come to terms with the situation. Eventually, finding a way forward and making sense of and finding a meaning to life.

Therapy is one place that you can find solace in, no demands, no need to pretend, just simply be who you are and where you are emotionally, total acceptance of you and your circumstances.

Together in a therapeutic alliance, here are some of the things you can obtain:
  • Find the answers that are important to you and your life 
  • Enable you to talk about your fear of death 
  • Acknowledge your qualities 
  • Gain emotional support when you are challenged by circumstances 
  • Emotionally re-evaluate as adjustments are required 
  • Establish a sense of purpose and direction 
  • View the person that you are and not the identity a chronic illness can bring 
  • Help to live a more fulfilled life