Somewhere in our world we hear the words ‘burnout’ ‘compassion fatigue’ ‘stress.’ Does anyone in your personal and/or working life fully understand what it means or feels like to be burnt out or on the road heading towards it? Have you ever felt that your work settings are high in demands but low in resources? Do you ever feel tired, emotionally empty, no longer caring, becoming cynical, lack of motivation? You are not alone! Reach out and start taking the positive steps towards preventing burnout or recovering from it.

Benefits of seeking therapeutic help and support: 
  • Improve your emotional and physical health 
  • Individualised self care toolkit
  • Manage thoughts and feelings more effectively
  • Motivate yourself to relieve stress and burnout
  • Opportunity to rediscover who you are, what you want and get your vitality back on track
  • Improved relationships within your working, home and social life
  • Re-evaluate your personal goals
  • Enhanced skills in problem solving
  • Make practical plans that meet your needs and take steps to implement them
  • Learn to give yourself permission to rest and recover
  • Increased confidence in your capabilities
  • Reduce isolation 
  • Build resilience 
  • Increase your overall health and wellbeing