The loss of your loved one can be like having your heart torn out… the world you once knew and planned turned upside down and inside out… leaving you bewildered and alone, adrift at sea, with no direction.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance are some of the stages you, the bereaved person, can go through. The grief stages do not occur in order and can switch back and forth between the stages.

Grief is a normal process of life and not one we can escape, but it does not have to last forever.

With the right emotional support you can: 
  • Eventually find a peace within yourself to be able to hold your memories and recall them with love and peace, not anguish and pain 
  • Learn to accept the low days with good days
  • Accept your feelings, listen to your needs and allow yourself to adapt and grow.
  • Improve your self care
  • Establish healthy coping strategies
  • Feel less alone
  • See that it is possible to live again without betraying your loved one
If you can imagine a plant being fed and watered, it is similar to what happens in counselling – you learn to meet your needs, you grow and expand, you blossom and you develop but not until you have given grief the time it needs. Be kind to yourself and seek the help available.